IT Infrastructure & Cloud Services


We don’t take your cloud migration lightly—and neither should you. Every migration requires hands-on expertise to execute the most seamless, efficient and cost-effective migration possible. Depending on your source and destination environment, as well as the composition of your applications and workloads, automation can help fast-track your cloud migration when combined with Our industry-leading cloud migration capabilities.

As a technology and provider-agnostic system integrator with a core focus on migration and transformation services, VDigital Techies is not limited to using a single tool or software product to execute your migration. Our consultants, solution architects and migration engineers create a detailed project plan that is unique to each individual customer need. Our project plans may involve automated migration tool along with one or more software solutions, coupled with expert VDigital Techies’ professional services to ensure uptime requirements are met and migrated applications and workloads are extensively tested, secure and fully functional at the target environment.

Additionally, our experts provide strategic consulting and technical services in the following areas:

  • Target Architecture Planning
  • Discovery and Application Dependency Mapping
  • Dev/Ops Tool Chain Implementation
  • Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Load Testing
  • Design
  • Security Vulnerability Scanning and Hardening
  • Application and Workload Development
  • Server Monitoring and Server Workload/Application Maintenance

VDigital Techies’ business analysts, consultants, architects, data migration engineers and software developers have countless thousands of hours of experience planning and executing the migration of servers, workloads, applications and complex IT infrastructures. At VDigital Techies, we provide a complete and total solution for full cloud adoption.


Our expertise ensures that your data centre infrastructure is fully optimised to meet the requirements of your business. We work with you to make it a highly-provisioned and operationally efficient business asset: architectural excellence delivered alongside best-in-breed management solutions and an operational and service model tailored to your requirements.


To define a strong and successful data centre infrastructure strategy you need access to specialists, and to make sure that needs and requirements are captured and communicated to the right people at the right time. Proper data centre infrastructure management requires a diverse set of skills and a holistic approach.

The VDigital Techiesconsultative approach has been honed over years of practice to deliver just that: we get the whole range of skills working together—from IT consulting to engineering— to ensure that your data centre meets all standards and exceeds your expectations.


VDigital Techies has created a centre of excellence for unified data centres. Our team members have accreditations from industry-leading vendors, and have expertise in all major virtualisation and data centre platforms, as well as storage, security, network and management provisioning solutions.

We work across every technology and operational layer in the data centre. Whether you want to consolidate or virtualise your computing, storage or network environment, or transform management through aggressive operational automation, we can provide you with insight and practical solutions.


From mission-critical servers and complex wired and wireless networks, to high-end storage and operating systems and much more, we can help you choose the best products for your solution.

Because we are vendor- and platform-agnostic, we can focus on what is right for your solution, rather than for us or the vendor.


We can provide you with a certified, experienced, and proactive team of server and storage specialists who guide your project from start to finish, and help you optimise your computing environment by improving performance, utilisation, availability, security and management.

To help you achieve those objectives we can:

  • Document your current server or storage situation
  • Establish a server or storage management strategy and prioritisation plans
  • Assign appropriate availability for each data set
  • Consider whether to consolidate or to use a storage area network (SAN)
  • Centralise your server or storage management
  • Create, modify, or update your organisation’s backup and disaster-recovery strategy.

Business continuity and disaster recovery are critical, and our continuity planning is second-to-none. We provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure the continued well-being of your organisation, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

And if your infrastructure or IT environment changes as a result of a change of focus or strategy elsewhere in the business, we can help you transition your continuity and disaster recovery plans quickly and easily.

Our suite of services includes:

  • Site-to-site replication
  • Storage-based replication
  • Host-based replication
  • De-duplication
  • Storage encryption
  • Storage virtualisation
  • Network convergenceation